How to bake Apple casserole?

How to bake Apple casserole

How to bake Apple casserole?

Take apples, about pounds, clean from the skin and viscera, cut.

I had a friend who cut the apples in neat triangles: first, on 6 slices and then each slice crosswise into eight parts. Jam beautiful work! But for casseroles such beauty is not mandatory, so shred into small pieces.

  How to bake Apple casserole
Sliced? Now take a bowl slightly larger volume than the container in which you have apples. In it we will prepare the dough. Dough will be a little, but it will have to add the apples!
Let’s get started. Drop to the bottom of this bowl tea spoon soda and two or three tablespoons of sugar. Two – if the apples are sour, three if right sour.
Stirred and triturated mixture with a spoon. Why? And that soda is then evenly distributed in the dough, it is better to mix it with sugar. And clumps disperse. Now there break two eggs and continue to pound, sugar was occupied with eggs and dissolved to the extent possible.Take vegetable oil without smell and steady hand to fill four times the spoon. Not forgetting to pour the previous spoon in the batter.

Neatly and with good speed mix the butter with the eggs (because they don’t like mixing). And immediately add two cups of flour. You can continue stirring with a spoon, though it is hard.

Of course, as always, before you mess with the test, you washed your hands. But do not rush to get there hands, they’ll still be useful! Get the dough smooth, sticking to spoon.

Attention: use hands. In the pan pour a little vegetable oil and spreads her hand across the surface. Better not to lubricate, and so that was quite “wet” but not pouring.

Now the same hand can stir the apples that it is time to pour in the batter. At first, you generally may seem that the test is not enough for the number of apples. But you will see it and soak the Apple slices are obtained as if covered with batter.

Dump (another word!) this relatively homogeneous mass on a baking tray. Stop! Don’t throw the dishes in the sink! Set aside until aside.

How to bake Apple casserole

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Distribute a handful of Apple slices across the loaf pan and a little push. All on the same hand, so heartier obtained.

Now in a bowl from under the dough pour (with the other hand, I hope that you are in no smeared?) about a tablespoon of water. “Wash” in her hand and a bowl. The resulting liquid anoint a future top casseroles and send actually bake!

How to bake Apple casserole

Fire can be a medium or large. On average she’ll spend about forty minutes, bakes well, until it becomes pinkish-brown and will not be allowed around the house the aroma of Apple pie that everyone will rush to the kitchen and will dance around the hot pieces.

How to bake Apple casserole

Remove from the baking tray you need, until the casserole is warm, better the blade, and the first to be cut to pieces. The most delicious – the upper crust. Then the lower crust. And the apples… Well, what’s with the apples? They in any form is good. That is especially good – one kilogram of their put to the test.

Bon appetit!

  How to bake Apple casserole

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