How to choose meat?

How to choose meat?

How to choose meat?

In order to understand the properties of this ancient product that is causing so much controversy today, we still have to decide what is hiding under the common term “meat”, and it’s all muscle and connective tissue along with fat, bones and blood of various domestic and wild animals. In a separate group of isolated organ meats: liver, kidney, tongue, heart, brains, lungs, etc. to Classify the meat should be on the animal species from which it was obtained. Every type has its own characteristics, tricks of choosing, storing and cooking. Read more about specific types of meat will discuss in a future release. Today, we’ll cover only the most General rules of benign choice of meat to your table.So:
The main criterion when buying meat – the degree of freshness.Benign chilled meat must have:

• specific color (beef – red, pork – white-pink lamb – brownish-red, veal – pink with a grayish tint);

• pleasant smell, without any shades (best to pierce the meat with a hot knife, then you can be sure that the inside had not begun the process of decomposition);

• fat white or cream color (beef – solid, not greasy, and crumbles, pork – soft with a pinkish tinge, lamb – dense and not yellow);

• the texture is dense (with pressure fossa quickly aligned);

• thin crust on top of a pale pink or pale-red colour. Benign frozen meat when tapped produces a clear sound and solid to the touch.

On the surface of cuts of meat in red with a greyish tinge, which is given to it by the ice crystals. If the surface to put a finger on, has formed a bright red spot.

After secondary freeze the meat quality is much worse. Its color becomes cherry red, and when warming your finger the color does not change. We must remember that during thawing of frozen meat is allowed to submerged in warm water, otherwise you’ll lose all the water-soluble salts and vitamins. Generally, the frozen meat is always worse than fresh, especially paired.

And finally another question: what kind of meat is healthier: white or red?

The content of proteins and vitamins is not dependent on color. However, red meat contains more iron and is therefore recommended for anemia. But it also contains more cholesterol. Therefore, if the exchange of fatty substances in the blood better to eat light meats such as poultry or veal.

How to choose meat?

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