How to make yogurt and ice cream?

How to make yogurt and ice cream

How to make yogurt and ice cream?

With some knowledge and skills in the home, you can get wonderful Goodies, which is not a sin and to show off to your guests at the party. No joke, with today’s abundance of all kinds of dairy treats to cook for friends chic funky ice cream or yogurt.

So, start cooking kefir, and it would be better to say, dairy product, because the output depending on the source data could be as acidophilus beverage, and a full yogurt.

 Determine the appropriate products and equipment. We need milk, preferably organic. After all, we want to obtain a fermented milk product that does not fit with long-lasting milk, the ripening of which, it seems, will not help any fermented microorganisms. Also we need a sourdough, fruit and berry toppings for yogurt, glassware (jar with lid), a towel and a cushy number.

By the way, this is the most cherished a warm place, which will prepare our treats can be found, for example in the bathroom. Intrigued? And this is simple, this is a towel rail is the only pipe in the house, which is warm all year. But you can use a special yoghurt maker, if any in the household.

With milk, toppings for yogurt and utensils in General all is clear. But on sourdough makes sense to talk separately. Leaven can be prepared in-store biokefir, acidophilin and any “live” yoghurt. Remember: “live” does not mean that he runs, just it contains live bacteria that are useful for our body. These bacteria and represent value for us.

Begin. In the warm milk add the yeast, close the jar tight lid, wrap it in a towel and put into a cushy, well, or stuffed jars in yogurt maker, that’s who what starting conditions.

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All! The rest of the work for us will make those live bacteria that is registered in our sourdough and the time is about 6-10 hours. Will remain only on education kefir clot to send a jar in the fridge for a few hours.

If it was planned “to produce” not kefir, and yogurt, to the fermentation mixture should be moderately poslastit – to taste, and prior to placing the workpiece in the fridge to add fruit filling and mix thoroughly.

How to make yogurt and ice cream

We turn to the production of ice cream. This requires dishes, products and conventional freezer, which is stocked with any appliances.

Let’s get started. The yolks of three eggs you want to grind with a Cup of sugar and vanilla. Then the mixture should be diluted with two cups of hot cream and a solution of 1 teaspoon of gelatin and glass of boiled water, and heat, stirring constantly. And interfere, so as not to interfere with the process, need wooden kitchen tools – spatula, spoon, or other suitable for our purposes. The contents of the pan will thicken, the foam will disappear – it is time to remove from heat, strain through a sieve or several layers of cheesecloth and cool. Only have to place in a form and send in the freezer.

How to make yogurt and ice cream

Finally, one tip: to make dairy treats in advance, prior to calling friends to visit on “manual” ice cream and “homemade” yogurt. And then who knows what just does not work! Have to blush, explaining that you have something not work out, or get out of the purchase of snacks and claim it as their own creation.

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