How to store cheese?

How to store cheese?

How to store cheese?

Cheese is a living product, which is constantly in the process of development, and during storage must be complied with certain conditions. Under poor storage the ripening process is accelerated, its development is wrong, the cheese is allowed to dry, it can spoil the appearance of the cheese itself will become unuseable.
Ideal conditions for storage of cheese are:
– constant temperature from 6 to 8°C
– constant level of humidity of about 90 percent
– ventilated areaToo low storage temperature kills the cheese (if the cheese be frozen, then thaw it will crumble), and too high and kills its structure.
Similarly, the humidity is bad for cheese: too high causes its damage, whereas too low dries.Here are some tips that will help you to keep cheese longer and better and to enjoy its real taste:

First of all, cheese is better not to buy too much. Better to do it more often and take as much cheese as needed than to store the excess for a long time at home.

Try not to expose the cheese to sharp temperature fluctuations in the fridge and keep it on the bottom shelf, in the Department for fruits and vegetables.

Cheese should be stored wrapped, because, first, it easily absorbs all the smells, and secondly, it dries quickly in the low humidity in the refrigerator.

The cheese is left for storage in the paper, even at low temperature quickly hardens and dries. To the cheese was dried out and not Pletneva, suggest that you first wrap it in a clean parchment paper or plastic wrap, then put in a plastic bag or put in a plastic, glass or ceramic sarnitsa) with cover, but not in hermetically closed vessels, and only then place in the refrigerator. In the fridge the sarnitsa) should be put on the lowest shelf or even in a drawer for vegetables. The optimal storage temperature of the cheese – from +5°C to +8°C.

When storing cheese without a refrigerator it is recommended to wrap soaked in lightly salted water linen cloth and keep in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

At home hard cheeses can be stored for 7-10 days, making sure to not have any mold.

Soft cheeses are not stored for more than 3 days because they age quickly.

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Processed cheese in an open package store no more than two days, otherwise they wither and lose their quality.

Brine cheeses should be stored in made with water, and even better on serum mild brine. Before the use of brine cheeses and cheese is not recommended to pour boiling water, because the cheese will lose some fat, coagulates protein and decreases their nutritional value. To reduce the saltiness of the cheese or pickled cheese, if you slice them in small pieces and put in boiling water or milk at room temperature for 10-12 hours.

But if a lot of cheese and store it takes a long time, the freezer is a good option for hard and semi-hard cheese. True, then it may crumble, but their taste will not lose.

Cheese bought in a sealed package, too long kept.

Small pieces of cheese are well stored in an enameled or glass pan under a lid in the refrigerator. Can there be one more piece to put sugar, it absorbs excess moisture, and change it to fresh.

So keep your cheese correctly.

How to store cheese?

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