What to eat with overweight?

What to eat with overweight

What to eat with overweight?

Well, finally, you signed the order on the next holiday, and you are overjoyed hurry to leave the stuffy office and hurry to indulge in blissful idleness, you swirl letete the stairs and rush to the exit, it seems that nothing can spoil your happiness. You do not know that some scoundrel of the most nefarious motives hung in the foyer of your office building wall mirrors. And here is the mirror of the ill-fated stood in the way of your happiness, you stop with horror stare at his reflection, which now we see not only the face. Yes, the fat was deposited in the most unexpected places.

The first thing that comes to mind: “Should not have… at least a month, and preferably two!”. The idea, of course, common, but fat is fat, and eat still want. That’s just what can I eat when there is actually nothing?

To begin with, what is absolutely impossible. From your diet you need to remove sugar, jam, candy, pastry. Also people with a tendency to corpulence is contraindicated milk with more than 3% fat, sour cream, fatty and processed cheese, mayonnaise, sausages, and everything is fried. Many people think that the ban fat is not fat and not to smear the bread with oil, this is certainly true, but keep in mind that, for example, a glass or two of sour cream sausage contain as much fat as half a pack of butter, and the fat content of vegetable oil is 20-30% higher fat content of the same cream.

Every day person, not burdened with heavy physical labor, you need 2000 kcal of energy. In one gram of fat contains 9 calories per gram alcohol – 7 calories per gram of protein and carbohydrates is 4 calories, so buy a scientific calculator and to count calories.

If problems with weight you should increase in your diet the amount of vegetables and fruits (preferably not sweet), ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, horseradish, low-fat fish, such as cod, Pollack, flounder and salmon. You can drink juices that have no added sugar, preferably grapefruit, pineapple and lemon. Kiwi well breaks down fats, the fats come and citrus, and the most useful of them – not juicy pulp, and inner white membrane, so better to eat citrus with the peel, but the bananas, on the contrary, contribute to the accumulation of weight. Boiled and baked (but not fried) potatoes stimulates the breakdown of fats. Useful and some scents, especially vanilla, lemon and orange, they reduce appetite and struggle with food neurosis.

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The most valuable food for people, inclined to corpulence, is sauerkraut, seaweed, cranberry, and lingonberry.

Champions for burning fats can be called onions and garlic, is already one hour after their use increases the rate of metabolism in the cells, and therefore fat burning.

Very useful fiber and bran, a spoon or added to food or drink with tea.

Of alcohol can only drink red dry wine 100-200 ml per day. Well from obesity to use herbal infusions, but only as additional means.

Take care of yourself.

What to eat with overweight

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